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New To Wearing A Choker? Consider These Designs

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A choker is a stylish type of necklace that many people enjoy wearing in all sorts of environments. It gets its name because of how closely it sits to your neck, which is different from other necklaces that hang down. If you're interested in wearing a choker and don't have any prior experience with this necklace, you'll want to choose the right piece of jewelry for you. Many fine jewelry stores have lots of chokers in stock, and many offer a design that can be a good fit for someone who doesn't have any prior choker experience. Here are some designs to look for.

Loose Fit

While some people wear chokers that fit extremely tightly to their necks, you don't have to take this approach. There's nothing wrong with choosing a choker that is slightly on the larger side. It will still offer the specific look that you want from this piece of jewelry, but not be so tight that it's uncomfortable. If you're shopping at a local store, don't hesitate to try on a few different chokers to find one that has a loose fit. For online shopping, focus your search on an adjustable choker. This will allow you to set it at the proper size for your comfort.

Soft Material

Chokers are available in all sorts of different materials, including metal, leather, and fabric. While experienced choker wearers often have their favorite materials, you'll want to stick to something that makes for an easy transition. You might find that a softer material is a good way to get used to wearing a choker. For example, if you select a piece of jewelry that features a soft material such as silk, perhaps adorned in pearls or synthetic gemstones, you may feel that it's more comfortable than something made of metal.

Light Weight

If you handle several different chokers, you'll commonly notice that they can vary a lot in weight. For someone who is new to this type of jewelry, a product that is light in weight can be a good choice. Something heavy can be more evident to you throughout the day, which you may not always want. A lightweight choker is easy to forget that you have on, which can help you get accustomed to wearing it. If you're interested in buying your first choker to wear, look at some fine jewelry stores in your area as well as online.

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