Learning About Key Pieces of Jewelry

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Repairs And Antique Jewelry

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Jewelry has played a critical role in helping individuals express their wealth and prestige for centuries. Antique jewelry is highly sought after for not only its beauty, but its historical value as well. Any jewelry pieces that have some age to them may have been subject to repair or will need to be repaired after you have purchased them. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure the jewelry repair process hasn’t or won’t hurt the overall value of the piece in the future. Read More»

How To Make Dance Recitals More Affordable

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If your son or daughter loves learning to dance, of course you want to cultivate that interest by enrolling them in dance lessons. But while the dance lessons themselves are not usually unbearably costly, the cost of participating in recitals can be overwhelming. The glitzy costumes, complete with jewelry and other accessories, can cost hundreds – and in most cases, your child will only wear the costume for one recital!  Read More»

Identifying Native American Jewelry By Region And Materials: Four Examples

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Before Europeans took over North America, the Native Americans (or First Nation people of Canada) used precious stones, beads, and other goods for trade. These items were their currency, and it worked very well. This tradition of using and making precious items in their jewelry continues today. Here are three examples of Native American jewelry for sale, and how to identify them by their regional materials. Paua Shell and Hawaiian Native Jewelry Read More»

Plan Your Christmas Gift Giving On A Shoestring Budget

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Part of the fun of Christmas might be following the tradition of exchanging gifts with friends and family members. And, of course, if you have children, they are probably excited about what Santa Claus might bring them this Christmas. It’s not as much fun if you’re worried about how you’ll pay for all the gifts you want to give, though. Don’t stress! From making your own gifts to shopping at a local pawn shop, here are some ideas on how you can plan your Christmas gift giving on a shoestring budget. Read More»

Gifts For Tennis Fans

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Sometimes, finding show-stopping gifts isn’t always easy for people who don’t seem to need anything in particular. The tennis players in your life, for instance, usually have the racquets they need to play the game, so you may be at a loss when trying to figure out presents. Luckily, there are some ideas are below that could be something they end up loving: Tennis Racquet Earrings Many people are familiar with so-called tennis bracelets, which are oddly enough not usually worn on the tennis court itself. Read More»

The Ring's The Thing: Choosing A Unique Engagement Ring

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When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you want a unique design that represents your love. Whether you are helping to pick out a ring for your significant other or you are helping to pick out your own bridal jewelry, here are some unique options to consider for this lasting tribute to the bond you share with each other: Colored Diamonds Diamonds don’t have to be clear. In fact, there is a lot to be said for choosing a brilliant colored diamond. Read More»

Is Your Zuni Jewelry Authentic?

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As a collector of authentic Zuni jewelry, it is important to be able to spot imitations. Unfortunately, not everyone can, and they end up with pieces that are not the same quality as the originals. To help you avoid this fate, here are some tips for determining if the Zuni jewelry you are considering is real. Research the Tribal Jewelry One of the best defenses you have against fakes is to learn more about the jewelry that is made within the Zuni culture. Read More»

4 Mistakes Men Make When Buying Earrings For Women (And How Not to Make Them)

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If you want a gift for the special woman in your life, it’s better to consider jewelry if you’re aiming for an impression that lasts. Fortunately, if you’re starting your holiday shopping now, you have plenty of time to pick the perfect present. Do you find it a little intimidating to pick out a pair of earrings for your partner? Don’t be! Follow this guide instead: Mistake 1: Wrong Type Read More»

4 Tips For Making Glass Beaded Bracelets

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One item you may enjoy wearing is bracelets. These can help any outfit look better and is a great accessory to own at any time. If you’re crafty, you may enjoy making glass beaded bracelets. These can be fun to make and are a great piece of jewelry for a dressy or casual look. Being aware of tips that can assist you with making these may be helpful to you. Read More»