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Plan Your Christmas Gift Giving On A Shoestring Budget

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Part of the fun of Christmas might be following the tradition of exchanging gifts with friends and family members. And, of course, if you have children, they are probably excited about what Santa Claus might bring them this Christmas. It's not as much fun if you're worried about how you'll pay for all the gifts you want to give, though. Don't stress! From making your own gifts to shopping at a local pawn shop, here are some ideas on how you can plan your Christmas gift giving on a shoestring budget.

Making Your Own Gifts 

If you sew, think of making aprons for everybody on your list. Another idea is to make picture books out of old greeting cards. Using inexpensive frames, frame things like pretty leaves or pressed flowers. Think of making leather bracelets for the people on your list. Copy your favorite recipes and tie them with pretty ribbons, along with a wooden spoon. Make homemade breads and cookies and put them into attractive containers.

Shop For Sales 

Don't hesitate to go to fancy stores. They might have great sales. Boutiques often have small items that are well priced. Many stores have an actual section reserved for items whose prices have been reduced. Shop for sale items that come in sets that you can divide into multiple gifts. For example, a beauty set that contains lotions could be divided up among several friends.

Check Out Pawn Shops 

If you haven't ever shopped at a pawn shop, prepare for a great surprise. For example, if you want to gift jewelry, a pawn shop like Whittier Loan & Jewelry will have a wide selection. You can buy vinyl records for a collector on your list. If you have a child who has been asking for a guitar, you can probably find one at a pawn shop. Check out pawn shops for things like antique jewelry and antique wine glasses. You can even find wonderful toys at pawn shops.

Think of writing down the names of everybody on your gift list. Divide the list into categories that include big-ticket items and small thinking-of-you gifts. Don't forget to include people like the secretaries where you or your spouse work and people like your child's Scout leader or soccer coach. Make life easy on yourself by wrapping gifts early so that you won't have to do that during the busiest Christmas days. Don't forget to add name tags.