Learning About Key Pieces of Jewelry

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Pave Or No Pave? A Look At A Popular Style

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Pave diamonds (pronounced pah-VEY) are small diamonds set in a continuous line and held in place with tiny prongs. They are not the same as gypsy or flush settings, in which a stone is hammered into metal and held in place by a tiny amount of metal overlapping with the stone. Pave settings are very sparkly, especially when you have multiple lines of diamonds. But they come with a bit of caution to the wearer. Read More»

4 Reasons To Explore Cash Loan Solutions

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Steady cash flow is a rarity for many people, and if you find yourself in a situation where your account needs an immediate injection of cash, then you may be wondering what options you have at your disposal. One of the most popular solutions is a simple cash loan service, which provides the money you need as soon as you need it. Take a look below at four reasons people choose to take advantage of cash loan services. Read More»

3 Ways To Assess Clip-On Earrings

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If you don’t have your ears pierced and don’t have any plans on doing so, you don’t have to give up on the idea of wearing earrings. Instead, a good solution to consider is to buy clip-on earrings. You’ll find these earrings for sale at many different online and in-person jewelry stores, so you’ll be able to have fun checking out the different designs and finding one or more pairs that will look good on your ears. Read More»

What's The Difference Between Estate, Antique, And Vintage?

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When you shop for jewelry, you can choose to buy completely new items, or you can look at older jewelry that’s been around for a while. If you go with that second option, you’ll see the terms “antique,” “estate,” and “vintage” pop up a lot. You need to know the difference between these three to ensure you know what you’re paying money for. Yes, you want to get something that you like to look at, but the label used with the jewelry can affect the price. Read More»

Reasons To Rock A Skull Ring

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When you browse a jewelry store’s shelves or shop for jewelry online, you’ll find lots of options. Many of these options will be pretty, dainty, and sweet. However, if you want something a little different, go beyond just the basic jewelry. Instead, opt for something different, such as a sterling silver skull ring. These rings come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. They might portray just a simple skull, or they might have a skull decked out with jewels to complement the silver. Read More»