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4 Mistakes Men Make When Buying Earrings For Women (And How Not to Make Them)

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If you want a gift for the special woman in your life, it's better to consider jewelry if you're aiming for an impression that lasts. Fortunately, if you're starting your holiday shopping now, you have plenty of time to pick the perfect present.

Do you find it a little intimidating to pick out a pair of earrings for your partner? Don't be! Follow this guide instead:

Mistake 1: Wrong Type

Take a good look at your lady friend's ears the next time you go somewhere she's really in her element. What type of earring does she have on? If they're posts or hoops, you'll be making a mistake buying her something really long and glittery. If she favors drop earrings, take a look and see if they're simple and linear shaped, have layers, or are chandelier style. Whatever style she wears the most is her favorite—stick to that general style and you'll be fine. Take notice of her preferred metals: does she mix metals? Does she only wear white metals like silver, white gold or platinum? Is she a gold girl all the way? Those small details are important to notice

Mistake 2: Assuming She Already Has Them

If your special someone tends to favor hoops, you're probably thinking you're doomed—after all, once you have a gold pair and a silver pair, that's all you need, right? Wrong. There are endless varieties of hoop earrings you can buy and they come in fascinating twists, cuts, combination metals and more. Just watch to see what she has so that you don't accidentally duplicate them.

Mistake 3: Buying at the Wrong Time & Wrong Place

Often, where you choose to buy and when you choose to buy can make a big difference. Small jewelry stores may ultimately be more expensive than larger stores or online stores because they have less buying power and more overhead per piece. Wherever you choose to buy, you can watch for sales—there will be plenty coming up in the following months.

Mistake 4: Assuming You Still Can't Afford Anything Nice

Jewelry—even the good kind—comes in all sorts of price ranges. If your lady prefers silver, you're in luck because the price is lower than gold. If she prefers gold, you can still find nice jewelry that's either gold coated or a lower karat of gold. A pair of earrings set in 10 karat gold is going to be less expensive by far than a pair set in 18 karat gold because the higher the karat, the higher the gold content.

You can also opt for colored stone jewelry that isn't expensive—white topaz, for example, has the shine and look of diamonds but nowhere near the cost. Garnets glow just as red as rubies but they won't put the same dent in your pocketbook because, unlike rubies, they're considered semiprecious stones.

For more advice on jewelry buying, talk to your local jewelry consultant today.