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The Ring's The Thing: Choosing A Unique Engagement Ring

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When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, you want a unique design that represents your love. Whether you are helping to pick out a ring for your significant other or you are helping to pick out your own bridal jewelry, here are some unique options to consider for this lasting tribute to the bond you share with each other:

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds don't have to be clear. In fact, there is a lot to be said for choosing a brilliant colored diamond. You can find stones in a rich chocolate hue, canary yellow, sapphire blue, and even pink. If you love the color of your birthstone but still want a diamond in your engagement ring, colored diamonds are a great option. These stones come in all of the standard cuts, so you can have a pink princess cut, a green emerald cut, or a red heart. If you want a custom piece made with a colored diamond, you may want to engage the services of a professional jeweler. However, you can find beautiful colored pieces at many jewelry stores.

Precious Metals

Another way to make your engagement ring stand out is to opt for a unique band. White and yellow gold are common in engagement ring designs, but you can also go for less common options, such as rose gold, tungsten, titanium, and ceramic. If the groom will have a tungsten or titanium wedding band, you may want to work with your jeweler to have a diamond set in a matching setting and band for your engagement ring. These metals can feature a high-polish finish or a matte finish, giving you even more ways to customize your bridal jewelry. For a bold look, choose a black band with a bright blue or pink diamond. Black engagement rings can be found online and in some jewelry stores.

Vintage Beauty

Of course, for a truly unique option, you can look for a vintage or antique design. If you are shopping for an antique ring, remember that certain features can be repaired. If you love the look of the band or settings but the piece needs a bit of work to make it beautiful again, you can have an experienced jeweler restore the piece. He or she can add a new diamond, buff out scratches in the band, and replace side stones as needed. While you can shop at antique stores and pawn shops for antique jewelry, some jewelry stores do offer a selection of estate jewelry pieces you can choose from.

Be sure to have your engagement ring budget decided before you go shopping, as this will help you to find the ring that you love and that you can afford. Once you know how much you can spend, start looking for your perfect ring.