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Have Gold To Sell? 2 Tips To Sell To Gold Buyers

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If you have gold to sell the best thing to do is to sell it to gold buyers. Before you start selling, however, there are things you need to learn. This way you can get the most money for your gold. To get started, below are two tips on selling your gold so you can get some green in your pocket.

Determine What Your Gold is Worth

Before you do anything determine how much your gold is worth. This way you will not sell it far under the value. In order to help you determine this, you can check the current market prices. Once you do this, take your gold in to get an estimate from several buyers. Each buyer should give you the same approximate amount. For example, if one buyer is far under what other buyers are saying your gold is worth you should not sell your gold to that buyer.

Consider taking your gold to a jewelry shop or an antique shop to have it appraised. They have experience with this and know what to look for in the gold. If you are selling finished pieces, the jewelry or antique shop may offer to buy your gold from you also.

Some gold buyers go by the weight of the gold. Because of this, have the gold appraised before you sell it to determine what the weight is.

Find a Reputable Gold Buyer

Before you start selling your gold to a buyer ask them if they are licensed to buy gold in your state. If so, ask them to show you this license. Also, ask the gold buyer if they are a member of a jewelry or gold trade association. If so, ask them the name of the trade association so you can check if the association has high standards for their members. You should also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the gold buyer has any complaints against them.

Talk to a few gold buyers in your area before you choose one. There are also online gold buyers. If you choose this, however, be careful that you research the company thoroughly before you mail your gold.

If you take your time you will be able to sell your gold to a reputable buyer and get the money the gold is worth. You should know, however, you will never get the exact amount the gold is worth but instead get a percentage of it. Contact a buyer, like Longhorn Jewelry Exchange, for more help.