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How You Can Help Your Antique Jewelry Last Longer

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When you have antique jewelry, you have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful pieces that are unique, expertly crafted, and certainly elegant. In order to help you antique jewelry last, you want to use antique jewelry services. These services are used to help clean, restore, repair, and maintain jewelry that is vintage or antique in nature and can be beneficial to you. Here are ways you can help your jewelry last longer, whether you are caring for your antique jewelry at home or you're using antique jewelry services to assist you.

Store your antique jewelry properly

To prevent accidental damage to your antique jewelry, store it properly. The best way to do this is to hang each individual necklace, bracelet, and set of earrings from a peg or on a jewelry stand, so each piece gets to be displayed in its own right and you can select the antique jewelry you want to wear without tangling up the chains of others.

You can also store your antique jewelry in a storage box away from the other pieces you own. If storing in a jewelry box, use drawers, pockets, and hooks provided to keep each piece independent from one another. If you see any clasps, gems, chains, or other parts of your antique jewelry that are bent, missing, broken, or otherwise damaged, let your antique jewelry services specialist know.

Inspect your antique jewelry often

Wear your antique jewelry as often as you wish to get the most out of your heirloom pieces. In doing so, you not only bring more joy to the ownership of your pieces, you catch small flaws and repair needs along the way. Inspect your antique jewelry each time you wear a piece, looking for loose stones, discolored or tarnished chains, stuck or non-working clasps, links that are starting to show wear, and stones that are chipped, scratched, blemished, or even in need of a professional cleaning. Your antique jewelry services specialist can both clean and repair all your jewelry to keep your heirloom items going strong.

Have your antique jewelry professionally repaired

It's always best to have your antique jewelry professionally repaired. This includes untangling small knots in your jewelry chains, fixing prongs that are bent or poking out, repairing clasps that are loose or missing, and having the jewelry cleaned. If you try to repair your jewelry on your own, you can accidentally break one fragile feature while fixing another. Leave the work to the pros for an expert repair and replacement job to keep your antique jewelry in beautiful condition for as long as you own it.