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Different Types Of Diamond Earrings

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Earrings enhance beauty, and a perfect set of earrings can make you look elegant. Diamond earrings, in particular, are among the most valued types of earrings in the market. However, there exist various diamond earring designs in the market, making the shopping process more complicated. If you're looking for a perfect diamond earring for sale, here are the different types to consider.


Hoop diamond earrings for sale are usually circular or oval-shaped. The hoops are stylish and come in various sizes and thicknesses. The jewelers place diamonds of various shapes on metal hoops.

Typically, large thin hoops are more casual and exude a retro look. Hence, they're ideal for the weekend and casual wear. In contrast, smaller hoops are reserved and classy. They go well with evening wear. The various types of loops include:

  • Huggie hoops. These diamond earrings are thicker than the normal hoops and fit closely to the earlobe. Due to the hoop's tight-fitting nature, the hinge is almost invisible. Hence, the earrings appear as though they're hugging your earlobe, hence their name.
  • J-hoops. These hoops have a partial circle design with an open back instead of a full circle design.


Studs are small diamond earrings that are ideal for everyday use, including professional and casual wear. Studs don't dangle since you attach them directly to the earlobe. Simple prongs hold the diamond in place to display the elegance of the precious stone. The studs come in various designs, materials, and sizes, depending on your preference.

Chandelier Earrings

A chandelier diamond earring hangs from the earlobe and is usually light. Their design draws attention and is ideal for formal or festive events. The earrings have various chandelier designs, which determine the amount of diamond the earring carries.

Drop Earrings

Drop diamond earrings drop slightly under the earlobe. Generally, the earrings are small and come as a solid piece that's stationary or with limited movement. They resemble dangle earrings, but they're much smaller. If a drop earring contains a pear-shaped diamond, it's referred to as a teardrop earring.

Dangle Earrings

A dangle earring can be a drop earring, but the opposite isn't true. The earring hangs below the earlobe and is flexible. Also, dangle earrings can be large with multiple layers, which can extend up to the shoulders. Dangle diamond earrings come in various designs, either simple or sophisticated depending on what you like.

Common types of diamond earrings include hoops, studs, dangle, drop, and chandelier earrings. Consider these designs when shopping for diamond earrings for sale. 

For more information about diamond earrings, contact a jeweler in your area.